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Finacle tutorial and help keys for beginners




As you know that finacle is an important software in banking industry today. Most of the banks use finacle for banking operations. Finacle is a user friendly software if you able to learn some key shortcuts of finacle. The software is changing the banking scenario. Online Banking and Mobile Banking is possible only with the help of finacle. It is running more than 100 banks across the world. So, Let’s discuss the finacle help, menu and shortcut keys for faster operations.

Finacle tutorial and help keys for beginners, finacle commands download
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Finacle tutorial, help and Shortcut Keys List

F1Field level help. Like in several word processors and spreadsheet Packages, F1 displays context sensitive help messages and field Level help messages.
F2List. This key lists the codes that may be used in a particular field.
F3Quit/ Back. Quits and takes the user back to where he started when in action. It can be used when the input is incorrect and the user wants to abandon what he has been doing. It can also be used to go back to the previous menu.
F4Accept. After the user has completed the input, this key can be used to accept the data.
F5Background Menu
F6Next Block
F8Copy Record
F9Display Signature
F10Commit/ Save. This is very important key and this concludes the transactions. This is the commit and transactions get into the General Ledger (database) when this key is used.
F11Next field
F12Previous Block
TABGo to next valid field
ENTERGo to the next field
CTRL+­UP ARROWPrevious record
CTRL+F1Help maintenance
CTRL+F3Show key map
CTRL+F4Display error
CTRL+F8Terminal lock
CTRL+F9Memo pad look up
CTRL+F11Context level help
CTRL+DPage down on a list
CTRL+EExplode. This key is particularly useful for the further inquiry .
CTRL+FClear field. This key combination can be used when the user wants to clear the field.
CTRL+JDisplay cookie field
CTRL+KClear a set of field
CTRL+TPut BOD date. This key combination populates the default BOD date in the field.
CTRL+UPage up on a list
CTRL+XPut BOD date. This key combination populates the default BOD date in the field.
SHIFT+F1Function key help
SHIFT+F4Select the current item from the list. This key combination can be used to select a value from the list of valid values listed for a particular field.
SHIFT+TABGo to the previous field

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